Turning Attendees into Participants

Category: Experiences

I read a tech crunch article recently about Microsoft buying Mojang (makers of Minecraft) for the mere sum of $2.5 billion dollars. If you have a child in the tween age bracket, I don’t need to explain what Minecraft is. … Read On

5 Ways to Ensure Marketing Success

Category: Marketing

Are you for #UpForWhatever? Bud Light is, and thanks to its massive integrated marketing campaign, Millennials (the company’s target) are, too. Brands are now crafting campaigns around one core theme or message and appealing to both mass and targeted audiences … Read On

Dreamforce 2014: An Event Worth Dreaming About

Category: Technology

Last week I attended Salesforce.com’s annual event, “Dreamforce.” Dreamforce is a massive event not only in size (135,000 people attended), but in the knowledge and new technology that is displayed for this platform. Yes, many conferences like these have their … Read On